Initial Consultation 30-60 minutes in duration


During this visit we answer questions,discuss your pet's care, transfer keys, tour your home, and complete necessary paperwork.  This meeting must be scheduled at least 24 hours in advance of the service.




             Value Visit

15 to 20 minutes


short visit allows for feeding,scooping litter, and a potty break

Regular Visit

30 minutes


Good for multiple-pet homes and pets which require additional care such as puppies.  We can feed, clean, walk, bring in the mail, etc.

Extended Visit

up to 45 minutes


Good for longer walks, multiple dog homes, pets with special needs or special diets, and extra duties in the garden

Marathon Visit

one full hour


Our longest visit for those pets who require extra care or attention.  Also good for garden chores.

            Puppy Tutor  

$20.00 for 30 minutes

During this visit, we will teach your puppy basic commands such as sit, come, stay, no, potty, etc.  It is best that these lessons be used in conjunction with additional obedience training.  We recommend starting puppies as early as possible.

Medication Visit

$15.00 per visit

Good for pets needing only a pill, injection, etc.  Diabetic animals must be stable and all pets must take their shots & medications without much fuss.

Please Note:  $10 Fee Charged For All Major Holidays.


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