Grasshopper Pet Sitting            We Treat Yours Like Ours

Grasshopper Pet Sitting            We Treat Yours Like Ours


Pet Sitting for Brunswick Maryland and Surrounding Areas

Looking For Dependable Pet Care for Your Fur,Feather, or Fin Babies?

If you need reliable care for your pets while you are away, give me a yell.  I've been petsitting for decades and have experience with just about every pet you can think of.   I have cared for dogs of all types, cats, birds both large and small, farm animals, snakes, lizards, amphibians, aquariums, ponds, insects, and landscapes.

I have dealt with medical emergencies, lockouts, power outages,  and other issues that may arise while you are away.

I offer visits to your home, no overnights though.  

Fully insured.

Kitty Care

Care for Your Pet

We offer a number of visit types.  All pet care is performed at your home. We are insured and have many references, so you can feel safe with us.  

Cost per visit is based on time and not the number of pets.  Visits are offered from 10-20 minutes, 30 minutes, and 60 minutes.  Other types of visits can be discussed as well if you have special needs.


 10-20 Minute Potty Break

This is a quick visit to allow your pup a break to relieve himself. We will provide a quick walk or let Fido out into a fenced in yard.

We will make sure he has fresh water as well.

COST:  $15.00


We Care for All Types of Birds

We care for all types of birds including finches, canaries, cockatiels, parrots, parotlets, macaws, chickens, turkeys, guinea fowl, ducks, and more.

10-20 Minute Visit includes:

  • Fresh food
  • Fresh water
  • Change cage bedding or paper
  • Bring in the mail
  • Water potted plants
  • Take out the trash

COST: $14.00

Service Area

Service Areas Include

We generally service anyone located up to 13 miles from our address of 19939 Yarrowsurg Road, Knoxville, MD  21758

But zipcodes included are:

21716 Brunswick, MD

21755 Jefferson, MD

21756 Keedysville, MD

21769 Middletown, MD

21779, Rohrersville, MD

20180 Lovettsville, VA

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